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Career Exploration

Connecting you with a job that "fits"

Career Exploration is all about getting to know yourself while researching occupations that fit your unique personality, skills, and interests. We understand that these decisions are big and that there is a lot to consider, so we are here to support you every step of the way! Schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches or explore the resources below to get started today.

FOCUS 2 is a comprehensive and reliable career and education decision making model that will help you select your major, make informed career decisions, and take action. The system is customized with Loyola’s majors and your assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs at the university. 

FOCUS 2 assesses your involvement and introduces activities that support career and education decision making. Career Readiness establishes the baseline. Includes your self described career and educational goals, academic strengths and weaknesses, career planning status, and personal development needs

You can take this assessment now by going here and signing up with your Loyola email address.

One of the biggest challenges students and job seekers alike have is knowing what types of jobs to search for in their job search, or even which jobs exist. LinkedIn heard you and as a result launched new job pages designed with the job seeker in mind. Now, job seekers and students unfamiliar with the professional landscape can browse job titles within various job functions. LinkedIn surfaces popular job titles and listings, as well as top cities and companies for a particular job, making it easier for job seekers and exploring students to learn more about opportunities in various fields. Additionally, students and job seekers can use the salary explorer feature to learn more about what jobs pay. Learn more here.

The U.S. Department of Labor publishes this one-stop website that contains information about hundreds of careers. Details include training, job outlook, wages, related careers, and websites to help you explore further. View the Occupational Outlook Handbook here.

Every occupation requires a different mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities. This site provides comprehensive information on key attributes of workers and occupations. Learn more about O*Net here

One of the best ways to explore careers is to talk to professionals already in that career or industry. The CDC has a handout that offers advice and recommends actions on how to ask for appointments, questions to ask in an interview, and follow-up techniques. Read more about informational interviewing here.

Professional associations often provide career information and background in their associated fields. Many associations offer special pricing for student members. Join an association aligned with your career choice, attend meetings, and get experience before you graduate. Below are some examples of professinal associations:

Employers regularly come to Loyola to speak with students and provide information about their profession. The Career Development Center brings these employers to information sessions, information tables in the Danna Center every Tuesday and Thursday, and presentations in classrooms. Take advantage of these opportunities to ask targeted questions, learn about internships and jobs, and build your network. View a list of upcoming events here.

Career fairs present students with the opportunity to talk to a variety of employers about careers and industries. You can learn about a multitude of careers while attending one of these events. The Career Development Center hosts up to 5 fairs a year. View a list of upcoming career fairs here.