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Identity Based Resources

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace - you are welcomed, respected, and supported in the Career Development Center

Our department's area of influence is career development and as such, we will continue discussing the ways in which racism impacts career decision-making, access to employment, and continuing education practices. We collectively dedicate ourselves to providing services and resources that will help level the playing field for all students, realizing that not everyone has equal access to career-related opportunities and networks. Regardless of your background or identity, it is our hope that you feel equipped to explore, prepare for, and act on your career goals and contribute your rich ideas, skills, and values to the world.  As a staff, we strive to collaborate with you in making those goals a reality.

Employers and other organizations want to create inclusive cultures with diverse perspectives and are seeking individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Use the resources below to get started and consider meeting with a career coach for personalized coaching.

Have you utilized a helpful career resource that isn't included on this page? Email us at to request its addition to this page.