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Collaborate with Us

We know we’re not alone in our mission to help students find career success. The Career Development Center believes that collaboration with faculty and staff across Loyola’s campus is essential, and we want to work with you to provide integrated services to our students.

How can you collaborate with the Career Development Center?

  • Help us get the word out about our services.
  • Let us connect you with one of our employers or graduate/professional school partners to serve as a guest speaker for a class or event.
  • If you are an advisor to a student organization, recommend the programming chair contact us for programming support.
  • Faculty, don't cancel class! Ask us to cover a class for you when you will be out of town. We are happy to present on a professional development or career-related topic you think would be of interest to your students. Fill out the presentation request form here.
  • Be a facilitator or moderator for one of our programs.
  • Refer a student for an individual appointment with a career coach to start the vocational discovery and discernment process, revise a resume or cover letter, search for internship opportunities, start the job search process, or explore graduate/professional school options or refine application materials. To learn more about our services, click here.
  • Let us provide you and your students with information about career paths supported by their majors.
  • Encourage, require, or incentivize student engagement with the Career Development Center or attendance at Career Fairs.

Liaison Model

Our career coaches serve as liaisons a college and/or specific majors. To coordinate collaborative programming or career-related initiatives, feel free to reach out to your college or major's career coach to get the process started. We look forward to working with you!

Katie Bandy Krikorian, Director of Career Development, Career Coach

  • School of Communication and Design majors
  • School of Music and Theatre Arts majors
    • Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Undecided students

Rochelle Cooper, Assistant DirectorCareer Coach

  • Humanities focused majors in the College of Arts & Sciences
    • Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Undecided students

Xavi LacayoCareer Coach

  • School of Communication and Design majors
    • Undergraduate students
  • Music Industry Studies majors
  • Undecided students

Erin RaggioCareer Coach

  • STEM focused majors in the College of Arts & Sciences
    • Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Undecided students

Undergraduate students in the College of Business are encouraged to consult with their Portfolio advisor, however, they may schedule appointments at the Career Development Center as necessary.