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Resources for Student Employment Supervisors

Find resources to support the hiring, onboarding, supervision, and professional development of student employees.

Email us at with additional questions. 

In preparation for posting your job opportunities on Handshake, Loyola’s online job and internship board, we are asking all supervisors to update their job description(s).

All job descriptions should include the following 9 components:

  • Position Title
  • Job Location
  • Overview of Office/Department
  • Job Duties/Responsibilities
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Required Skills/Qualifications
  • Preferred Skills
  • Number of Students Expecting to Hire
  • Salary

Well-developed job descriptions allow both students and employers (you!) to have a clear understanding of the expectations and duties of the role. See the Job Description Template link below for more details as well as examples for each component. 

Job Description Template


Student Success Center Front Office Assistant

Career Development Center Office Student Assistant

The recruitment of all student employees happens through Handshake, Loyola’s online job and internship board. See the sections below to learn more about navigating Handshake and promoting your opportunities to students through this platform.

Need to claim your Handshake account? Here is a walk-through of how to follow your custom link to create your Handshake profile. 

Already have a Handshake account? Follow this link to the log in page and follow the steps in this video. 


Once you have an account, you can log in and post your open position(s) to Handshake. This is a step-by-step walk through of the process. 


Once you have successfully posted a job and start receiving applications, you can view them in Handshake. This video will show you where to find applicant information and also how to close a job once it is filled. 

Screening is a chance for the supervisor/employer to learn more about the student and their skills and interests. Once the applicant pool has been solidified, begin emailing students to determine their availability and schedule interviews.

After that, prepare 5 or 6 questions that allow the student(s) a chance to provide more information about their background, schedule, skills, goals, and studies. Here is a sample list of questions to help with the screening:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What about this position/office interested you? 
  3. What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  4. Tell me about a time with you worked as a part of a team.
  5. What is your availability for the semester?
  6. Do you have any questions? 

Be sure to remember that this is a chance for students to get to learn more information about your department/office as well. So be sure to provide more details about the office/department culture, work, and how the position would be playing a supporting role. 

Once you have determined which student(s) you would like to hire, you are required to extend a formal offer via email using one of the offer letter templates below. Students will need a completed copy of this offer letter in order to be assigned to your department and to begin working. This offer letter also outlines the required next steps for the student. Please be sure to insert your information in the highlighted sections. 

Offer Letter Templates

For students participating in the Federal Work Study Program for the first time:

For returning Federal Work Study Students returning to the same department:

  • No additional paperwork or processing is required.
  • As long as you have confirmed the student has been awarded Federal Work Study for this academic year, they may begin working on the first day of class, August 23rd.

For returning Federal Work Study Students transferring to a different department:

  • Send the offer letter to and to have the department transfer completed.

Contact Emir Bailey, Student Employment Coordinator, at To schedule an appointment with Emir, click here


Federal Work Study Students are paid on a monthly basis. Please see below for the Payroll Schedule for the 2021-2022 Academic Year:

Federal Work Study Payroll Schedule