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Resources for Student Employment Supervisors

Find resources to support the hiring, onboarding, supervision, and professional development of your student employees.

You can log into handshake by going to Handshake is not available through the SSO for Staff Employees. It will only show up for current and past students.

Important: If you are a staff employee who used to be a student or is currently a student, do not log into handshake via SSO. It will route you to your student account and not the staff account to manage your jobs on Handshake.

In preparation for posting your job opportunities on Handshake, Loyola’s online job and internship board, we are asking all supervisors to update their job description(s).

All job descriptions should include the following 9 components:

  • Position Title
  • Job Location
  • Overview of Office/Department
  • Job Duties/Responsibilities
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Required Skills/Qualifications
  • Preferred Skills
  • Number of Students Expecting to Hire
  • Salary

Well-developed job descriptions allow both students and employers (you!) to have a clear understanding of the expectations and duties of the role. See the Job Description Template link below for more details as well as examples for each component. 

Job Description Template


Student Success Center Front Office Assistant

Career Development Center Office Student Assistant

The recruitment of all student employees happens through Handshake, Loyola’s online job and internship board. See the sections below to learn more about navigating Handshake and promoting your opportunities to students through this platform.

Need to claim your Handshake account? Here is a walk-through of how to follow your custom link to create your Handshake profile. 

Already have a Handshake account? Follow this link to the log in page and follow the steps in this video. 


Once you have an account, you can log in and post your open position(s) to Handshake. This is a step-by-step walk through of the process. 


Once you have successfully posted a job and start receiving applications, you can view them in Handshake. This video will show you where to find applicant information and also how to close a job once it is filled. 

Screening is a chance for the supervisor/employer to learn more about the student and their skills and interests. Once the applicant pool has been solidified, begin emailing students to determine their availability and schedule interviews.

After that, prepare 5 or 6 questions that allow the student(s) a chance to provide more information about their background, schedule, skills, goals, and studies. Here is a sample list of questions to help with the screening:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What about this position/office interested you? 
  3. What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  4. Tell me about a time with you worked as a part of a team.
  5. What is your availability for the semester?
  6. Do you have any questions? 

Be sure to remember that this is a chance for students to get to learn more information about your department/office as well. So be sure to provide more details about the office/department culture, work, and how the position would be playing a supporting role. 

Once you have determined which student(s) you would like to hire, you are required to extend a formal offer to them via email. Once they have accepted the position, COMPLETE THIS HIRING FORM to start the hiring process. You will submit this form for each student you are hiring. Do not start or submit this form until the student has accepted your offer to work within your office.

To initiate the hiring process of your FWS student employee, you will first need to fill out the FEDERAL WORK STUDY HIRING FORM to initiate the hiring process for a student once they have confirmed via email that they accept your student employment offer. Once they accept, the supervisor will fill out the Hiring Form.

Important: Please do not fill this form out for Non-Federal Work Study Students. You must submit an EPNF for that particular student position type. 


**Students who were not origionally awarded Federal Work Study funds may submit an Interest Form that will be available starting August 18, 2023.

This form will serve as an appeal process to see if it's possible for the student to be awarded or to request an increase in an existing FWS award.

Important: Filling out this form does not guarantee that the Office of Financial Aid will award the student FWS for the academic year

Once the Interest form is completed by the student, the Office of Financial Aid will be in contact with the student

After the student's information has been submitted the supervisor via the student employment hiring form, will contact the student with the instructional email on next steps to start working. They will need to complete the following steps:

  • Attend an FWS Orientation or complete an Online FWS Orientation
  • Complete the COVID Mitigation Training via Canvas
  • Complete required pre-employment papwork digitally through NeoGov (located in SSO)
  • Submit the required identification to Human Resources (Thomas Hall, 4th Floor)
    • This is very important! Without the identification, they cannot complete the hiring process

If they are have already completed some of these steps from a previous academic year, then an authorization email will be sent to both the supervisor and student. 

NOTE: Student can only start working until the student and supervisor have received an email from notifying them of their start date once they have completed all the steps required to be hired.

Please watch the video below to learn about the timesheet approval process for supervisors who manage student employees: 

Federal Work Study Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis.



To evaluate a student employees professional development, Loyola utilizes career readiness as a foundation from which to demonstrate requisite core competencies that broadly prepare college students for success in the workplace and lifelong career management.

Developing one's career readiness skills is key to ensuring successful entrance into the workforce. To ensure you are developing a solid career readiness foundation upon which a successful career is launched, student interns are evaluated on their demonstration of the eight career competencies.

Career Readiness Competencies:

  1. Career & Self-Development
  2. Communication
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Equity & Inclusion
  5. Leadership
  6. Professionalism
  7. Teamwork
  8. Technology

To learn more about the career competencies, please visit the National Association of Colleges and Employers webpage.

Upon completion of a for-credit internship experience - the internship supervisor will be asked to evaluate their student intern by answering the following questions:

  1. The student employee demonstrates the ability to think critically and creatively to analyze information, make decision, overcome issues, and problem solve.
  2. The student employee demonstrates clear and effective verbal communication to persons inside and outside the organization.
  3. The student employee communicates in a way that demonstrates effective written principles of spelling, grammar, and punctuation in emails, memos, and company reports.
  4. The student employee demonstrates the ability to work on a team and build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers as well as navigate conflict.
  5. The student employee is able to utilize digital technologies and equipment to solve problems and complete tasks and is able to adapt to new or unfamiliar technologies necessary to complete their work.
  6. The student employee demonstrates confidence and leadership potential by serving as a role model for others and displays a curiosity for learning new industry insights and skills.
  7. The student employee demonstrates personal accountability, initiative, and effective work habits such as punctuality, productivity, and time management and exhibits integrity and ethical behavior.
  8. The student employee is able to identify and articulate their skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to their career goals and understands how to self-advocate for opportunities in the workplace.
  9. The student employee values, respects and learns from individuals of diverse culture, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion.
  10. The student employee demonstrates openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and appreciate varying viewpoints.