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For-Academic Credit Internships




Many majors across campus require students to complete internships for-academic credit as a part of their degree program. The Career Development Center works collaboratively with these programs to manage the vetting, approving, and assessing of these internships.

If you are in one of these majors, please review the following resources including a step-by-step guide for reporting your internship on Handshake for academic credit.



Internship Reporting Resources

General Internship Resources

What happens after I report my internship in Handshake?

  • The Career Development Center will receive a notification that you have reported your internship. A staff member will review the reported details and initiate the approval process. You will be contacted if anything is missing.
  • Both your internship supervisor and internship course instructor will receive an email asking them to review the information you have submitted and provide approval.
  • Toward the end of the semester (or near the internship end date you provided on your report), your internship supervisor will receive an email containing a link to your internship performance evaluation.
  • Once the evaluation has been completed, it is returned to your internship course instructor and a grade will be issued after all class assignments have been completed.

Retroactive Reporting Policy

All for-academic credit internships must be reported on Handshake prior to accruing hours toward your internship requirement. The Loyola University New Orleans Career Development Center cannot retroactively approve any prior internship experiences or hours worked prior to reporting your internship on Handshake.

You may only begin counting hours toward your internship requirement *after* the internship has been reported on Handshake and all documentation and approvals have been received.

Additionally if you experience any difficulties or need clarification on the reporting process, please contact us at or 504-865-3860.

If you have received in an internship offer that requires you to receive academic credit, but you are not in one of these programs, please contact Katie Bandy Krikorian at