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Career Fair Prep

Career fairs are an easy way for students and alumni to meet recruiters, network for internships and jobs, and gather company information. Below are a few steps to help you prepare and ensure you leave a great first impression.

  • Research, Research, Research!
    • View the event on Handshake under the Events tab, and research employers who are attending. Some companies may have jobs posted on Handshake. Research job openings that you are interested in before the event, and prepare any questions you have for the employers. Check out employer websites to learn more about the company’s values, products, team, and more!
  • Prepare and edit your resume using these tips and guidelines
  • Schedule a meeting with your Career Coach to go over your resume, elevator pitch, and strategy.
  • Look through your wardrobe and find something that you think will present yourself professionally to the employers. Dress for your industry, and remember - you only make a first impression once!

Business attireBusiness casual


elevator pitch

  • Ask questions about the company or job description. For example:
    • Can you expand on the requirements of the job/internship?
    • What characteristics do you look for in an ideal candidate for this position?
    • What opportunities are available with your company?
  • Offer the employer/recruiter your resume and ask for their contact information.
  • Make notes about your conversations to jog your memory on who is who when following up.
  • Follow-up with connections you made via email. Keep track of employers that you spoke to and their business cards to personalize your message.
    • Helpful tip: Ask a question in your email – you are more likely to receive a response.
  • Check Handshake for job or internship opportunities with companies of interest.