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Prepare the Pack: Internship Intensive

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Are you looking for a way to gain valuable experiences outside the classroom that complement your academic learning? Look no further than Prepare the Pack! Using our SPARK model, this program equips you with the foundational skills necessary to secure experiential learning opportunities and feel confident in your professional career journey.

Offered each Fall and Spring semester, Prepare the Pack is open to ALL years and ALL majors.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your education and prepare for your future career.

The Prepare the Pack program offers four (4) comprehensive sessions designed to equip you, the student, with the skills and knowledge to secure a meaningful internship. The Career Development team will guide and prompt you on your path of discovery and be there to help you as you progress through your journey.

Interested students apply to participate in the program and will be contacted by the Career Development Center with further details. Don’t miss out on this opportunity created to ignite your potential and achieve your goals. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 23, 2024 - click here to indicate your interest in the program.

Self-Awareness & Discovery

  • What is the Prepare the Pack program?
  • Internships: who, what, where, when, why?
  • Take a test or two to discover a career that suits you!
  • Discover your skills and strengths
  • Activity: Brainstorm your internship ideas/purpose

Session Date: Thursday, February 29th | 12:30pm-1:30pm | Monroe Library classroom 147

Planning & Exploration

  • Plan your brand!
  • Best places to look for meaningful internships
  • Getting creative with internship ideas
  • Internship search strategies
  • Activity: Explore internship ideas and career goals

Session Date: Thursday, March 7th | 12:30pm-1:30pm | Monroe Library classroom 147


  • Building a powerhouse resume
  • Drafting a compelling cover letter
  • Activity: Putting your goals on paper
  • Activity: Create your action plan using your goals

Session Date: Thursday, March 14th | 12:30pm-1:30pm | Monroe Library classroom 147


  • Ace the interview - interview strategies
  • What to expect when interviewing
  • Activity: Answer one of the hardest interview questions ever!
  • Wrap up - Question & Answer

Session Date: Thursday, March 21st | 12:30pm-1:30pm | Monroe Library classroom 147

Kindness (a post-program reminder!)

  • Remember that this information you’ve learned can change over time!
  • Resumes and cover letters can always be modified and updated!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself; finding an internship that suits you might take time.

Each prep session will last approximately 45-50 minutes. Program participants who complete all 4 sessions will receive a certificate of completion and entered into a raffle to receive $100 Wolf Bucks and other prizes!

WHO is eligible to participate in Prepare the Pack?

  • ALL undergraduate students who are enrolled at Loyola University New Orleans may participate. 
  • ALL majors
  • ALL years

WHAT will this program offer me?

  • Foundational skills necessary for securing an internship or similar career related experience.

  • Amp up your professional skills.

WHERE will the program take place?

  • Each session will be facilitated in-person in the Monroe Library classroom 147 (by the front/side entrance of the library)

WHEN should I start Prepare the Pack?

  • Now! It's never too early to start thinking about internship opportunities. 

WHY should I participate?

  • Prepare the Pack is designed to set you up for success to land a meaningful internship. Internships grant you exposure to the inner workings of your chosen industry. They let you behind the scenes to get a taste for the specific knowledge and everyday practices that a job could require. You get the benefit of seeing trained professionals complete tasks you might otherwise might only read about, and you’ll get a chance to try tasks out yourself.

Participants of the program have gone on to received offers from organizations such as Keller Williams, Environmental Business Specialists, Merrill Lynch, and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, among many others.

Here is what students have said about their experiences:

"My biggest takeaway from this program is that career readiness gives me an amazing sense of confidence that will only grow from this experience on. Receiving professional advice and guidance from working professionals makes me feel ready to walk into my next internship opportunity feeling prepared. I feel more ready than before to hand in an acceptable resume, answer interview questions, and get started on a new experience. I am excited to see what else I will learn in the future."

- Kennedy Garrett, Sociology with a concentration in Social Justice & Inequality


"This program has really helped me in the internship searching process. I wasn't sure where to start, and it helped me narrow down my search to fit my career goals. I'm hoping to go into the entertainment industry in some manner, and after completing the program, I was able to pretty easily find a few internships that fit my interests, and was accepted into three of them before deciding on one that I'd be doing for the spring semester."

-Chloe Bernier, Mass Communication


"My experience this summer gave me a better understanding in my journey towards career readiness. I was pleased to see that my work in school has properly prepared me for the workplace in which I strive to be a part of. This being said, I also learned valuable wastewater-specific content that would only be discovered by working in the industry."

– Skylar McLeod, Environmental Science

If you are interested in participating in Prepare the Pack for the Spring 2024 semester, please click here to complete the application form.

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 23, 2024.

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